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Brand & Pathway Consultations

"Our stepping stones, our choices, are unique fingerprints that we cultivate to compose our life with the desire to do what we love. I work with clients in developing a pathway plan, a life map, so that they may empower themselves in their journey by following their heart and intuition.


I also work as a consultant to small business owners with improving flow, developing their brand, creating supportive website content and investing in their core values. It is important that what makes a business unique and sustainable for clients is highlighted and supported in a marketed practice. 


Pathway Consultation

The whole person: daily practices, routines, habits, sustenance, your center, your family, your friends, your home, places you stop along the way, your work, and even clothing. These are the integral components that we utilize to build and specialize our life and our experiences. How do we create a sense of flow in our life where tasks and opportunities are fluid? Are the choices we make serving us? How we make each day uniquely ours and how we celebrate life are supported by the intricate details of our choices.

I consult on everything from basic life skills, setting boundaries, time management, stress management, declaring a major, to career choices and beyond. My experience in coaching began when I was the advisor to first-year students selecting a field of study at Parsons School of Design and expanded my coaching practice through my training as a Sound Practitioner. My pathway clients include high-school & college level students declaring a major or identifying interests as they relate to a career, and individuals, at various stages, wanting to make significant changes in their life or career practice. 

Brand / Small Business Consultation

I am passionate about small businesses and what they offer our communities. I meet with business owners to learn their story, how they interact with clients, what they love about their practice and about the customer's specialized experience. I delve into the businesses value system and mission. I then review their website, social media and marketing tools and and look for congruency; to see if the information I received in our meeting matches the marketing strategies of business owners. We then discuss how to create matching content that supports the vision and values for a deeper branding of their business. 


My approach to providing effective consultation meetings is simple. I listen. I take the time to first learn about clients and where they see themselves, their business in the present moment.  How you participate in your life, where you feel flow and what your goals are set the stepping stones on your journey. It is important to create achievable steps that are a direct contribution to your main goals.  I provide clients with resources and tool-kits to expand, then hone in on their journey. I meet you where you are on your path and we fluidly walk from there. Meeting to discuss your business or path should be a fun, self-exploratory, growth process where you are encouraged to invest in your passions; this takes work and dedication. Your pathway,  your business, is unique to you; take time to invest in yourself, celebrate and highlight your accomplishments. 

I would love to assist you, in empowering yourself to follow your true path, or creating a more consistent message for your business practice through the creation of achievable goals and actions that support your values, your passion."

- Steffany Butts-Boucher

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