Body Tuning: Acupressure

Acupressure is an additional modality blended into each sound session. 

Solfeggio frequency tuning forks are utilized to attune the body at the molecular level, clear energetic blockages and rebalance the energy system.

Body tuners are weighted tuning forks where the frequency travels down the stem of the tool into the body. In Acutonic Acupressure, the body is mapped and pressure is applied, with the stem of the body tuner, to specific potent points on the body along the meridian lines.

A few benefits may include and range from deep relaxation, increased balance, pain relief to trauma release. Benefits are individual, based on the information that each client presents. See the full benefits list here.

These unique modalities provide each client with individualized tools for energy clearing and deep relaxation so that they may take responsibility for their wellness. I do not diagnose or prescribe. I do ask that clients consult with their primary caregiver or physician in connection to specific conditions prior to scheduling an appointment. I am always happy to provide resources and additional information for clients to share. This modality is offered in individual sessions, but can be combined with a sound session if a small group session is preferred.