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Meditation Sessions 60 Minutes - individuals / up to four people.

Meditation Workshops may be planned for 60 - 120 minutes

Individual Online Guided Meditation Sessions  15 - 30 Minutes

With meditation, we are strengthening our connection to the present moment and learning about our mental process. Benefits may include: a reduction in anxiety, stress & blood pressure; a calm mind and optimized brain functions; empowerment through presence. Meditation sessions are tailored to each client or scheduled class. My meditation classes are set up with shorter sessions for beginners and longer sessions for advanced participants.

Focus & expanded awareness meditation, movement meditation, guided meditation, art-in-meditation, hiking - forest meditation, easy-pose and savasana silent meditation are the different modes of meditation that I offer.

What is Art-in-Meditation? Art-in-meditation are experiences that reference the visual arts & symbolism by practicing meditation within gallery or museum settings. Utilizing art as a focal point and breath as the anchor in connecting with the present moment.

When teaching art workshops via Kreuser Gallery & Recover the Fun, I focus on art making processes that are grounded in meditation.

If you are interested in joining me in a meditation offering, please visit my classes page.


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