Steffany Suze Boucher -  CSP, LSH, MFA

Licensed Spiritual Healer

Sound Practitioner
Meditation Teacher
Wellness Coach
EFT / Tapping Coach
Art Instructor


Echo Studio Oct 22 2020.jpg

Steffany Boucher is an Artist, Educator and Certified Sound Practitioner. Her practice Echo Healing Arts Studio is located in Manitou Springs, Colorado and focuses on Art Classes, Healing Modalities and Beloved Books that call us to participate in the present. She has a deep love of science, art and the intersection of where the two meet.


Her visual art, Steffany works in the media of books, drawing, sculpture  and installation art. Rather that production, her process is more about the connection to and exploration of materials.  She has exhibited her work throughout the United States in both solo and group exhibits including Illinois, Colorado, Brooklyn, New York City. She received her MFA in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design in New York City and her BFA from Western Illinois University. Her 20 years of teaching includes Parsons School of Design, NYC, Bemis School of Art and Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs in addition to K-12 schools and educational programs in Art and Design, Sculpture and Drawing, in addition to Art History. She currently offers classes and workshops through Kreuser Gallery, The Military Arts Connection Program of Colorado Springs and Craft in Manitou Springs.

"My primary mission is to inspire, mentor and empower my clients to take full responsibility in promoting their own wellness by teaching them tools and techniques, which they deem as beneficial. My Secondary mission is that all sessions are optimally tailored to each client's self-identified, individual needs. The initial information session is free and serves as an opportunity for the client to learn about Sound Therapy and have time to consider which session of Sound Therapy is their best option. My third mission is to empower my client to investigate and select the wellness modality that is optimal for them. The scope of my mission and practice includes the modalities of Wellness Coaching, Sound Therapy, Tapping and Aromatherapy. These unique modalities provide each client with individualized tools for energy clearing and deep relaxation so that they may take responsibility for their wellness. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I do ask that clients consult with their primary caregiver or physician in connection to specific conditions prior to scheduling an appointment. I am always happy to provide resources and additional information for clients to share."