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Let's Have Tea & Chat

If you are interested in having a sound or meditation session, but would like to connect with me prior to booking your session to learn more, you may reach out to request a free, by-phone or in-person, thirty minute information session.

Meeting with each client prior to their first scheduled session assists me in getting to know them on a deeper level. I can then recommend a session with a combination of modalities. My goal with each session is for the client to receive optimal and individualized attention, always confidential, always with compassion.


I do not diagnose or prescribe. To clarify, my role is as a sound practitioner -I do support that clients confer with their primary caregiver in connection to specific conditions prior to scheduling an appointment. I am always happy to provide resources and additional information for you to share. 

ceramic tea pot with three small cups sitting on a bamboo tray with cherry blossom flowers in an outdoor setting

Tea is locally blended, hand-crafted by Wildflower's Botanical Menagerie

If you would like to have tea, send me a message

& I will send you the scheduling link.

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