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Offerings & Sessions

Sound Sessions

Experience a deeply relaxing and centering sound session curated specifically for you. Sound sessions offer cellular resonance and include breath-work, guided meditation plus non-dermal, atmospheric aromatherapy, Energy Vitality Techniques. Instruments include theta music, tuning forks, weighted acupressure forks, Tibetan bowls and a gong. Solfeggio frequencies are utilized to attune the body at the molecular level, clear energetic blockages and rebalance the energy system. 

Available by Request: 

Sound Journeys

Experience a deeply intentional ceremony of sound spanning a two-hour journey that supports you, roots to crown, on your path. Includes: Intention Setting, Guided Meditation, Aromatherapy, Energy Reading & Balancing, Breath-work, Theta Music, A Curated Sound Bath, Re-integration Meditation, Warm Tea & Chocolate, Session Summation, Vibrational Sound Coaching.

Curated Sound Healing Rituals. Ceremonies with You in Mind

Gather together with a quaint group of lovely people and experience a deeply restorative, two-hour sound healing ceremony with additional modalities blended in. Each sound and modality is specifically aligned with the ceremony's theme and your intention. Available to groups of four individuals. Everything is provided: plush mat, blanket, water and pillow. Plus - room to move, space to stretch out and plenty of time to come back to full awareness before heading back out into the great, great world. Private-group sound healing rituals are also available. 

Nervous System Reset

We are surrounded by stimuli:  sounds, scents, emotions, temperatures, ideas, tasks, and so much more. A nervous system reset is  time that is completely soft and all your own. During this time, theta music is playing in the background and your rest in a comfortable space. At the beginning, I will guide you with a little bit of breath work, reiki and soft mantra meditation to assist you in diving deep into a relaxed space. Once you are there, I step away to give you space to allow your senses to gently reset on their own. At the end of the session I guide you back into the present moment with soft breath work and integrate your connection back into to the present moment. If you are feeling overstimulated and needing a deep break. This may be the session for you. This is a two hour session. 

Resonant Sound Consulting & Curation

Let's meet and actively connect over the benefits of curated soundscapes for the evolution of your livelihood. We explore your sound-story, bring in nutritive sound-based routines that support a stronger foundation of self-empowerment. A coaching session takes into consideration your lifestyle, current routines, your goals with your specific relationship to sounds, including noise. Resonant sound coaching may bring resilience to your energy levels, peace with your process, and routines that support your goals. This is an inspiring and dedicated vitae-process that we create together for your empowered journey. 

Private Sound Baths

The sound bath for a private group includes an opening meditation, a sound bath and a closing or reintegration meditation created exclusively for your group. The group size is six participants. I look forward to connecting with your beautiful group!

Have a large group? Let's chat about creating an experience that is unique for you in a beautiful setting!


Energy Vitality Technique

Energy that is slow, out of alignment or blocked, can cause us to feel sluggishEnergize with soft sounds of theta music and an energy clearing session with solfeggio tonal-tuning forks. . Bilateral stimulation is also utilized to assist in balancing your energetic system and may also benefit in emotional and physical balance support. During this session you will receive an energy reading, you will be guided through gentle breath work to release stuck energy and the solfeggio forks will assist me in tuning your energetic system to a balanced state. The sounds you will hear alternate between theta music and the tuning forks. Clients are asked to be hydrated, wear comfortable clothing and to take their time following a session. At the end of the session you may feel a bit sleepy and we will spend some time connecting and closing with breath work to bring your energy level back up.

Vibrational Acupressure

Vibrational Acupressure is a deeply relaxing experience with soft sounds of theta music playing in the background.  Prior to the session we will connect over your responses to this form and I will ask a few more questions that will provide the details needed for planning your session.  During this session you will receive an energy reading, you will be guided through gentle breath work and I will use the body-tuner forks, weighted solfeggio forks to apply gentle pressure at specific pressure points or potent points along your meridian lines for balancing your energy and more. Bilateral stimulation is also utilized to assist in balancing your energetic system and may also benefit in emotional and physical balance support. Bilateral stimulation is simply moving sounds from one ear to the other and crossing the sounds over the region of your crown called the corpus callosum. Clients are asked to, be hydrated, wear comfortable clothing and to take their time following a session.

Sacred Fan - Aromatherapy Energy Clear & Balance Session

Take some time to pause, rest and connect inward. Essential oils are frequency. Aromatherapy is the process of using plant extracts for balanced wellness. In our session, I will connect with you over different scents, scent families and frequencies to determine a sequence or series of essential oils to gently fan around you. I will also do an energetic reading to see if there may be energetic blocks at your chakra centers or along your meridian lines and bring in essential oils to offer support. During this session, I do not apply the oils and only use them atmospherically. Near the end of the session, you may feel drowsy and I will bring in essential oils and take time to connect to bring your energy level back up to alert.

Reiki Sessions

Usui Ryho Reiki is the Usui System of Natural Healing that connects the client with "Universal-Force-Energy" and guides the energy to clear energetic blocks to provide a deeply relaxing session and empower the client to promote their own healing.

Meditation Sessions

With meditation, we are really learning about how our mind works. While the goal may be to calm the mind, the path is becoming comfortable with our thoughts without attaching to the story of them. Meditation may be utilized to optimize our brain waves and to embrace our time with ourselves. Meditation assists us in being present and brings calm consideration and flow into our lives. Meditation sessions are tailored to each individual and session.

Retreats & Events

To book my services for retreats and events, please contact me directly at 719-722-1082. To attend an event that I am hosting, please click the event button at the top of the page. 

Apprenticeships & Training

Annual Apprenticeships are available to one student per year. If you are interested in applying please reach out and request an application. The deadline for the annual application process is June 15th each year - notification of acceptance is communicated after September 15th - with the intention of the selected applicant beginning their apprenticeship on January 15th. Trainings under specific modalities are available by request - please reach out and I will send you the request form. Reiki Attunements are available through my scheduling page. Thank you for your interest. 


Please visit my booking page by clicking the schedule a session button at the top of the page.



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