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Steffany Butts-Boucher
Licensed Spiritual Healer
Certified Sound Practitioner-Coach
Meditation Guide & Artist


Additional Certifications:
Aromatherapy Practitioner
EFT / Tapping Practitioner
Meditation Guide

Wellness Coach

Additional Training: 
Trauma-Informed Care*

Continuing Studies:
Annual Sound Practitioner CE's Towards Continued Certification.

LSH, Licensed Spiritual Healer
CSP, Certified Sound Practitioner-Coach

MFA, Parsons School of Design
BFA, Western Illinois University

I am a certified sound practitioner-coach, mediation guide and licensed spiritual healer. I am also certified in complementary - esprit -modalities that I blend into each session. These modalities are curated within a unique session, tailored for you.  At ECHO Studio, I offer individual and small group sound sessions and sound journeys, small group sound baths and meditations. I also provide these offerings at private events and retreats. I coach clients on creating routines and nutritive sound scapes that support their lifestyle. I am passionate about our sound environment, the evolution of sound and my intention is to offer insight on what a difference curated sound can make in our lives. I believe it is important to be of  light heart and spirit. It is my mission to empower others on their journey.  
I love to connect and learn about you and your experiences.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have about my practice. Please reach out if you would like to chat over a cup of tea or a phone call: 719-722-1082. To learn more about my history with sound, follow this link:My Sound History
Echo Studio - Sound Practitioner Mission
"My primary mission is to inspire, mentor and empower my clients to take full responsibility in promoting their own wellness by teaching them tools and techniques, which they deem as beneficial. My Secondary mission is that all sessions are optimally tailored to each client's self-identified, individual needs. The initial information session is free and serves as an opportunity for the client to learn about sound frequencies. My third mission is to empower my client to investigate and select the wellness modality that is optimal for them. The scope of my mission and practice includes the modalities of Wellness Coaching, Sound Sessions, Tapping and Aromatherapy. These unique modalities provide each client with individualized tools for energy clearing and deep relaxation so that they may take responsibility for their wellness. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe. I do ask that clients consult with their primary caregiver or physician in connection to specific conditions prior to scheduling an appointment. I am always happy to provide resources and additional information for clients to share."


My sound practitioner certification and licensure included various levels of sound practitioner training, a lifetime study of both music & sound, client hours, professional ethics & code of conduct training, human anatomy & physiology, wellness coach training, singing bowl & gong bath training, plus training with singing bowls for meditation. I am certified in teaching meditation and have been practicing meditation since 2001. In addition, my twenty-plus years of teaching in higher-ed, k-12 and independently have served as a strong foundation as I work as a guide with others.  I have certifications in additional areas as well. Maintaining my license is an annual process of practice & education. I have a life-long love of learning that fuels my passion of science and sound. I provide my clients with a unique, individual experience so that they may leave each session with the intention that their voice may be heard, their heart may be validated, and their entire being may be empowered.  It is my umbrella goal, to empower others. My educational goals this year include continued studies in neuro-linguistic programing, neuroplasticity and breath-work. Each year, when I renew my license, I also include any new certifications I have completed within that year, as well as my required annual Sound Practitioner CE's. I am dedicated to this practice and the evolution; it is an honor to connect with you. 

Trauma-Informed Care

What is Trauma-Informed Care Training? Trauma-Informed Care training teaches us how to hold and create a safe space for anyone who has identified as having experienced trauma - while connecting them to appropriate, professional resources. I am not a therapist. Being trained as trauma-informed simply means that I have been trained to understand trauma on a deeper level and taught the best methods to hold space in various scenarios to not cause further harm. 

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