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On Sound Sessions & Meditations

"I had the pleasure of visiting Echo Healing Art Studio the other day after a dear friend gifted me a sound therapy session. I found it to be a deeply relaxing and unique experience. Steffany also tuned into some health issues I’m experiencing which I did not mention to her previously. Would highly recommend if your into alternative therapies"

- @sands_colorado via IG (Sound Session)

"I was truly amazed by my session with Steffany. I have experienced chronic pain in my leg for about 2 years. I could literally feel the muscles relaxing with the sounds vibrations she used, and I felt a huge sense of relief. I felt more balanced afterwards, as she worked with both the left and right sides of my body. This session was more helpful than anything I have tried in the past 2 years!"

-Tamara H. (Sound Session)

"Steffany is amazing! I enjoyed a soothing, centering sense of calm throughout the session.  The aromatherapy, sound therapy and guided meditation were perfect and I learned methods to enhance my meditation at home."

-Rose Anne O. (Meditation at Kreuser Gallery)

"My first experience visiting Echo studio was absolutely lovely. Although our meeting was with the intention to meet, connect and discuss collaboration opportunities, Steffany treated me to a some of her sound bathing magic. This was a wonderful surprise and such a beautiful gift. I am so looking forward to experiencing more sound therapy on my next visit!"

-Summer L. (Tea & Information, Collab Meeting)

"Steffany is an amazing sound practitioner. I feel centered, relaxed and calm after my treatment. I recommend everyone to give this modality a try."

Patti M.  (Sound Session)

"Steffany was amazing with her instruction! The paintings on display were beautiful and the scent in the gallery was calming, hence helping with my practice :)"

-Manu C. (Meditation at Kreuser Gallery)

"Steffany Butts-Boucher  is such a sweet soul I highly recommend her sound therapy sessions. They have been a beautiful addition to mine and my partner's lives. Just remember when you go bring extra water."


Katie O. (Sound Session)

"I had the best day at ECHO Studio with Steffany Butts-Boucher today. It felt like being in a float tank but with exactly the right kinds of relaxing stimulation. Steffany is a gem of a practitioner with her bowls and gong. If you ever need an hour of floating free through outer space, I highly recommend!"

-Courtney H. (Sound Session)

"I really enjoyed it all! The setting is relaxing and comfortable and your presence is so peaceful. I loved the bowls and gong, loved the guided meditation and really liked the bowls sounding on me. I’ve never had that before. The time went by so fast. Thank you so much. I felt really great when I left."

-Jen (Sound Session)

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