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Echo Studio for Listening at Home

Take some time for yourself in-between sessions and access restorative sound from the comfort of your home. Each track has something different to offer including energy balancing and much more. Click the button below and sample a few tracks to begin with. I would greatly appreciate a donation to my Venmo from frequent listeners, or better yet - please offer your support by purchasing your favorite tracks directly from my bandcamp page and recieve unlimited access to the pieces that mean the most to you.


The instruments recorded on each track vary depending on the intention of the track, but may included: keyboard/synth, gong, singing bowls, planetary chimes, chimes, kalimba, bells, Bahia-buffalo drum, accordion, tuning forks and more. 

Headphones are always recommended for bilateral stimulation and focused listening; pair with an eye-mask or eye-pillow in a dimly lit room whilst reclined or laying down in a nest of comfy blankets and pillows. 

All tracks are Written, Recorded & Performed by Steffany Butts-Boucher
Courtesy of Echo Studio ©EchoStudio2022+

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