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Photo Credit: Summer Lajoie

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Steffany Butts-Boucher
Licensed Spiritual Healer
Certified Sound Practitioner-Coach
Meditation Guide & Artist


My Sound History

My relationship with sound began when I was young while growing up in Crete, Illinois. When there were thunder & lightening storms at night, my parents would wake us up to build a little nest on the floor in front of the living room picture window and my dad would put an album on. We would watch the lightening storm coordinate with the music. The albums ranged from Mystic Moods Orchestra's One Stormy Night, to the Velvet Underground. When I was in elementary school, my parents felt it was important to play an instrument and take art classes; my studies in music began with elementary choir and the clarinet. I participated in solo recitals, band and orchestra until my senior year in highshool when I chose to direct my energy on art. As an adult, teaching at Parsons and living in Brooklyn, my dear friend and neighbor Wally Witcofski, or Wally Witco taught me how to play the accordion. I would spend sticky summer evenings playing under the Pulaski Bridge in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I loved the way the underside of the bridge bounced the sound around me and I could feel the vibrations of the accordion through my chest. It was at this time that I began building experimental string instruments and built my own theremin. I continue to build my own instruments and record music for my practice. The act of playing music has always been meditative and soothing; building instruments connected me more deeply to the root, the structure and anatomy of sound. Frequency, pitch, spectrum, hz, velocity, wavelength, phase, amplitude, timbre, envelope, resonance, overtone, damping, interference, harmonics, cymatics / visible sound. Sculpting space with sound is my passion. 

Sound can embrace a storm.

I began studying meditation and connecting to alternative healing practices following my experience living in NYC during 9-11. My ptsd was also a result of additional traumas prior to 9-11. I was utilizing traditional therapy, acupuncture and meditation for my symptoms related to complex-ptsd. I also continued to meet with Wally weekly and play the accordion. I moved to Colorado and Manitou Springs to be closer to nature. After moving to Manitou, I found I was triggered with the low-flying planes and began Emdr therapy. Emdr therapy was a difficult and deeply healing process for me. Near the end of my therapy sessions, I talked with my therapist about wanting to utilize my trauma experiences to assist and empower others. I asked her if there were any practices she felt I may connect with; sound healing was at the top of her list. I went and had a session and immediately fell in love with the practice. And so, I began my journey in studying sound as it relates to and affects both our environment and body. I intentionally looked for a program that not only connected with sound on a spiritual level, but was also rooted in the scientific-physical, human anatomy and physiology. Soma Energetics connected me with the history of sound healing, spiritual practices and the science of sound. I also decided to receive Trauma-Informed Care* training with the BeeHive of Manitou Springs. I love working with sound and expanding my learning, through my annual re-certification and licensing requirements - there are always new discoveries and resources to share with others. 

I would love to connect.

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